April 5, 2017

Beautiful Natural HD Himalaya Wallpapers

A multi-day trek into the mountains sounded like a good way to get some much-needed exercise as well as to see the Himalayan peaks for the first time in my life including the first and third highest mountains in the world Everest in Kuching junga and yes if you'd asked me how to pronounce that the day before I would have had no idea this gate represents the border between India and Nepal.

I'm going to go ahead and cross over into the next country no visa required the crazy part of the beginning of the track was the near-zero visibility due to the fast moving clouds could be min if it wasn't so peaceful here I would say it felt like the beginning of some sort of forum over the cities that all Buddhist temples these are called mommy's.

Beautiful Natural HD Himalaya Wallpapers

These are circular real to prepares for the mountain I'll spin it and spreads the pair's into the wind to all the villages around there are heaps of trekking companies in Darjeeling that will organize trips along the single ela trail which is a wiping trail that crosses between India and Nepal is it snakes its way north the hike itself is pretty basic and the views when not shrouded in clouds I'm pretty amazing so after a day's hike to the MLAs finally made it to the talent too late just looking more than a small village.

Comprised of a couple of modules the sunrises are supposed to have some great deals of the mountain hopefully tomorrow morning we'll see Everest and the world's third highest mountain Walt about 4 30 I know it's early but it's not that bad when you go to bed.

Around nine thirty as you can see I've slept under about nine blankets so it was a bit cold but under all those blankets I was ok for the night really want to see the mountains you have to get up early because the clouds will roll in otherwise so hopefully we get to see Everest they're way off the distance has found two ever sure the state is ever gonna Club you

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