April 3, 2017

World Most Beautiful Lake Wallpapers

right guys it's four thirty in the morning which quite frankly at a time that shouldn't exist it should just be removed from the day because it's far too early to do anything but here we are smear and I are about to go to Italy we're going to Lake Como for the weekend should be pretty good.

i'm excited either before jet yeah i can't wait ok now let's get to the airport right so we're on our first of two trains on the way to get to Lake Como in a bit of a rush so far because when we got to the train station in Milan our train was there on the platform waiting ready to go so we had to sprint get on but we made it we made it all under good we made it and this is a pretty amazing train journey because either side of the train is just mountains and amazing little towns right as we have made it to veranda which is where we're staying.

World Most Beautiful Lake Wallpapers

this weekend it's on Lake Homer like we said let's go find out let's go get the keys for the place we're staying in too yeah 31 degrees that is hot right so welcome to the room this is where we staying for the next few days we've come here we freshened up obviously busy early start we needed it and now we're going to head out.

i'll go check out the surrounding areas but first before i show you the place this is the main room bathrooms in there this is the real amazing shut up this is a balcony you have this amazing view look at that lake for days and there's never an eye hello and it gets better because up these upstairs to deliver do we have this that's too ridiculous views in one place right you're go explore yes this case pearl let's go so far we've been walking along with all their lakeside it is so beautiful this place every time everywhere you turn there's like an amazing view isn't there yeah if I get magic it's kind of magic that Disney married lover that it's all real we've caved and we've decided that we're gonna get some ice cream coronis Lee sorry gelato how is it it's like a race against time it's melting it so good so good you.

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